Window Cleaning Sydney – Clean My Windows Review

“With so many window cleaners around, which oneSydney Window Cleaners


should I choose?”

From large national window cleaning companies to small one-man crews, Sydney has an abundance of window cleaning companies. In fact, if you type “window cleaners Sydney” into Google you will get 580,000 results. That does not mean that one in every eight residents of Sydney is a window cleaner, but it does show that there is no shortage of cleaners that are dedicated to cleaning and polishing the glass that separates us from the outside world.

So how can you choose a window cleaner that best suits YOU?

BestLocal.Sydney Tip: You may be tempted to call up a few window cleaning companies for quotes and then just go with the one with the lowest price. But there are some horror stories of bargain window cleaners.

Take for example the case of a friendly neighbour called Bob. He booked in a window cleaning company that he found online that provided really affordable rates. They arrived on time for their appointment which was a good sign. But the trouble started when 15 minutes later their ladder had slid off the roof and through the windscreen of his new car.

These dodgy window cleaners had never ever been properly trained in using ladders.

Remember you get what you pay for!

Key Take Home Lesson: If proper window cleaning techniques are not used, not only can your windows be permanently damaged, but major damage and injury can occur. Ensure you choose a window cleaner that can safely and professionally clean your windows.

Instead of reviewing every window cleaning company in Sydney, we thought we should save you some time and just review the best! In the opinion of BestLocal.Sydney, the premier Sydney window cleaning company is Clean My Windows.

Clean My Windows LogoWho Is Clean My Windows?

One call to Clean My Windows and you will instantly recognise the professionalism and attention to detail that has ensured that they are one of the premier window cleaning contractors on the North Shore of Sydney.

For a full list of services that Clean My Windows provides, visit the window cleaning Sydney website.

Clear communication and personalised customer service are hallmarks of the Clean My Windows team. When you book an appointment, they will arrive on time with all of the safety equipment they need to get the job done right the first time.

Their free window cleaning quotes are obligation free and do not include a bunch of ‘invisible fees’ that are tacked on once the job is completed. There are cheaper options out there, but you can not even compare the services that they provide.

Clean My Windows is not satisfied until you are!

Lower north shore SydneyStarting out as a small window cleaning firm on the North Shore of Sydney that specialised in cleaning apartments, Clean My Windows has expanded their services to provide industry leading residential and commercial window cleaning throughout Sydney. Still offering all the benefits of a smaller company, Clean My Windows now offers the same exceptional workmanship and innovative services that you would expect from a larger company.

With a team of hand-picked window cleaners that demonstrate tremendous window cleaning skills and the right attitude to complete even the trickiest jobs, Clean My Windows is a team that you can rely on.

Don’t worry about searching on Airtasker for a budget window cleaning option; rely on the industry leaders and you might even be surprised at just how affordable their rates are!

Clean My Windows Reviews:

“Clean my Windows is a window cleaning firm who gives me a great professional service. The staff are punctual, honest, well spoken and polite men. They are efficient and reliable and do a thorough job – including sills and frames and of course, very clean windows. They have been coming for three years, twice a year which keeps my windows in good condition. I have happily referred them to friends, who are grateful to me for the reference. I can recommend this window cleaning firm.”
– Sue, Roseville

Where Does Clean My Windows Service?

Window Cleaning SydneyBased on the North Shore of Sydney, the team has built up a reputation in the local community for providing affordable window cleaning for cafes, restaurants, shopfronts and apartments. But you are just as likely to see the friendly Clean My Windows window cleaners eliminating dust, dirt and grime from homes on the Northern Beaches, retail stores in the Sydney CBD and townhouses in the Inner West of Sydney.

Clean My Windows offer their exceptional workmanship and tailored services for all residential, commercial and strata properties on the North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Sydney CBD, Northern Beaches, Hills District and Inner West of Sydney. To book an appointment, or just to get a free window cleaning quote, call the team on 0416 622 134.

Strata Window Cleaning

Over the years Clean My Windows has built up close working relationships with some of the North Shore’s leading real estate agencies and property managers for their propensity of providing stress-free window cleaning.

A specific skill-set is needed for safely and efficiently cleaning windows in strata properties, and Clean My Windows have mastered this art and science. Focusing on buildings up to four stories in height, Clean My Windows provides a completely ‘no-fuss’ strata window cleaning service.

Fully insured and qualified Clean My Windows provides a professional and reliable window cleaning service that residents and strata property managers appreciate. For a free written quote and more information on why so many North Shore real estate agencies continue to rely on the innovative window cleaning services of Clean My Windows call the team on 0416 622 134.

3 Reasons To Have Your Windows Cleaned By A Professional Window Cleaner

1 – Safety – Don’t risk injury or damage to your property by trying to overstretch on a ladder to clean that last corner. Professional window cleaners are trained to safely access and properly clean windows. There are a lot of home maintenance tasks that you can safely accomplish. But leave the dangerous ones to the professionals.

2 – Extend the lifespan of your windows – A lot of homeowners are not aware that the film of dust and dirt that builds up on the windows of properties in Sydney is highly corrosive. If the film of sediment is not regularly removed the lifespan of the seals on the windows will be significantly shortened. Professional window cleaners not only clean the glass but also clean the seals and surrounds of the windows. So in the long run, professional window cleaning is a savvy investment for your property.

3 – Improve your view – Aside from moving your house to the public carpark in Bondi, there is not much you can do to improve the view out of your Sydney home. But cleaning your windows will not only let more light in, but it will dramatically improve your view out of your windows no matter how dull the scenery is. Most homeowners do not notice how dirty their windows are until they are actually cleaned. Brighten up your home and let more sunshine into your house with a professional window clean.

Clean My Windows – Window Cleaning Sydney