Invasive Trees in Sydney!

Invasive Trees

Australia is full of unique and beautiful trees, and the Sydney area is no exception! Experts estimate that there are around 73,000 tree species in the world, many of which are native to Australia. These trees add beauty and character to their surroundings, and some provide delicious fruit or homes for local animals. However, are all these trees suitable for your garden?

Sadly, the answer is no! Among the many varieties of trees found in Sydney, not all of them are a good fit for your garden. In fact, invasive trees can cause a whole world of trouble and damage to your property, leaving you running to the closest tree removal service!

But what makes a tree so invasive? How can you tell if a tree in your garden is causing problems? And what are some invasive trees in Sydney that should be avoided when landscaping your garden?

This article will answer those questions and help you to avoid the many issues caused by invasive tree species! 

But first, let’s understand what we mean by ‘invasive trees’! 


We use the term ‘invasive’ to refer to trees that can easily spread out of control, causing major issues on your property. These invasive species are usually non-native, but native trees can also be invasive! 

These invasive species of trees often spread quickly and aggressively, damaging other plants and even buildings in the process. They can cause huge environmental and even physical harm. 

The seeds of invasive trees can spread very quickly, sprouting in areas of your garden you may not want them to grow. They can also crowd out other plants in your yard, taking away space and nutrients from them. 

Another way that trees can be invasive is through their root systems. Some trees have extensive root systems that can grow far and wide, causing structural issues or damaging properties. These invasive roots can interfere with underground pipes and threaten the structural integrity of buildings. 

These large root systems can also interfere with pathing and paving stones, making them uneven and posing safety hazards. 

The more invasive the tree, the more likely it is that you will end up calling in an expert on tree removal in Lake Macquarie! So which trees are most likely to cause problems for your garden? 

When it comes to choosing trees for your garden, be careful! There are many invasive trees out there, but here is a list of some of the invasive trees I have come across in the Sydney area so that you can avoid damage to your cherished garden!


Siberian Elm

Siberian Elm
PHOTO: Luis Fernández García

This tree native to Asia is very aggressive and fast-growing, thanks to its ability to grow in extremely difficult conditions. The seeds spread rapidly, causing more of these trees to sprout in places you probably didn’t want them to grow! The seeds are also very messy, spreading all over your garden.

 Due to these characteristics, the Siberian Elm takes a lot of work to keep under control and may not be the most suitable tree for your Sydney garden.

Silver Maple

PHOTO: Dominicus Johannes Bergsma

The Silver Maple may be a beautiful and vibrantly coloured tree to look at, but don’t be fooled by its appearance! They have one of the most invasive root systems of any tree. The roots of this tree grow very quickly and close to the surface of the ground. The roots then get larger, causing damage to paths, driveways, pipework and even building foundations. 

It is recommended never to plant these trees in gardens or near any kind of foundation or structure. Better to enjoy looking at them in the park. Otherwise, you will soon be on the phone with the local tree removal company!

Callery Pear

Callery Pear
PHOTO: Bruce Marlin

This tree, with its delightful white spring flowers, is another that is great to look at but not so great for your yard. They are already considered invasive species in many countries. 

The seeds from this tree can spread rapidly and grow out of control if not carefully maintained. These seedlings grow into dense thickets that can easily interfere with other plants in your garden. 

It is definitely worth taking into consideration these factors when landscaping your garden and deciding whether you want to plant or keep this tree in your yard. 


Palm Tree
PHOTO: Kskhh

Palm trees are extremely well-known and loved, especially in warmer climates. But did you know that their root systems can be extremely invasive, expanding far and wide to wreak havoc on your property? These invasive root systems can lift up paving stones and foundations and even cause damage to retaining walls. Not to mention how messy the falling palm fronds can be! 

Although these trees look good, they may not be the best choice to plant right by your house or pool, so think carefully before planting this in your Sydney garden.

Camphor Laurel

Camphor Laurel
PHOTO: Calistemon

This non-native evergreen tree has seeds that are produced and spread extremely rapidly! It also has very few severe diseases that affect it. These factors make it a highly invasive tree that pushes out other native plants. 

Because it grows so fast, its root systems also grow fast and can cause damage to pipes and other underground structures. 

For a good reason, this tree is a class 4 noxious weed in NSW and is definitely not recommendable to be planted in your garden. so if you have one on your property, it’s best to call in a tree removal company as soon as possible!


These are just a few of the most invasive plants in Sydney, but there are many more to watch out for. You can visit the ACT website to find out more about invasive plants. 

As we have seen, it’s essential to choose our plants carefully when landscaping gardens and deciding which trees to grow and which to get rid of. 

If you already have one or more of these trees in your garden and want to get rid of them, it is advisable to find an expert company specialising in tree removal Lake Macquarie. This way, you can ensure the tree is removed professionally and completely, so it won’t start growing again!

However, just as there are many invasive trees in Sydney, there are also a lot of beautiful and easy-to-maintain trees available as well! Just make sure to do your research before growing any trees in your yard, and get advice from the experts if you need it. Then you can enjoy a beautiful and problem-free garden with no invasive trees in sight!