Rug making – from start to finish

Rug making is an ancient art that is still practised today. Weaving is the primary technique used to create rugs. To make a rug, you need to start with the raw materials. The most common material used for rugs is wool, but other materials like cotton and silk can also be used. Once you have the material, you need to dye it. This step is crucial because it determines the rug’s final colour. After dying, the material is ready to be woven. The most common type of weave is the knotted weave. This type of weave is created by tying knots in the material. The number and type of knots determine the rug’s pattern. Once the weaving is complete, the rug must be cut to its desired shape and size. Finally, a final wash is done to remove any dirt or debris that may be left on the rug.